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The Mid-South Cosmetology and Barber Association (MSCBA) is a non-profit beauty
organization that has been in operation since 2007. Our mission is to improve and advance the
beauty industry by providing members with progressive and invaluable educational, technical,
professional, and personal development tools to enhance their careers and lives. We do this by
working in conjunction with various state and local organization.

Experience has demonstrated that the most practical and sound method of preparing workers
for employment in skilled occupations is through planned apprenticeship – a training concept
which provides for employment and training under actual job conditions supervised by skilled
journey workers and at wages commensurate with the apprentice’s skill. In addition, the
apprentice’s knowledge and understanding of the occupation is enhanced through participation
in approved courses of related and supplemental instruction.
MSCBA recognizes this need for continuous training to maintain the high level of skill and
competence demanded by this industry. Further,
recognizing that the responsibility for training rests with those in industry who are the
benefactors of a skilled workforce.

If you are interested in taking a career path in this industry, please submit your application below.